Wander Education


Through wide travelling experiences and observing how resourceful people are across the world, I came back to Australia and noticed that we are incredibly unsustainable and are unresourceful. Many of us do not have a great understanding of Australia's real history, our resources, our land, our Indigenous culture - languages, spirituality and the important values of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders including spirituality, using the land, kinship and family. 

I wanted to make productive and sustainable change to what I have witnessed in regards to education in these areas. With insight, feedback, research and study, I have created useful and practical guides for children and families regarding Australian Education, Nature Play and Indigenous Australian teaching resources that aren't generic, stereotypical and uninformed. I have put together a balance of gentle education and advocated for what should be integrated into curriculum to assist with real understanding and developing perspective for our next generations of Australians - through our littlest wanderers - our children.
I noticed the lack too, of genuine education in regards to Australia's specific nature and how it can assist with play and holistic wellbeing for children and families through activities as well as products from our land. The products from our nature, the health benefits in our backyard and the outdoor activities and venues that are inspired and carried out on Australian land. This inspired me to create a directory of services and products that celebrate everything Australian made, grown and owned. 
Finally, travelling Australia through the years as a young girl with my parents and siblings as well as school, having my own young family now and renovating our own caravan, it was brought to my attention the confusion with homeschooling, distance education, tutoring - and how to 'school' when on the road. Many children are learning critical real life skills, but how many genuine links to education were being made to curriculum, Indigenous education and the lack of resources for travelling families was very evident. Passionate about social and emotional development, this is another key area of resources I created as travelling involves a lack of boundaries and constant change which can affect emotional regulation and behaviour. 
Putting these passions together with the awareness of lack of quality education in these areas, is where 'Nurture to Thrive' and 'Wander Education' began and the journals, logbooks, resources and assessment documents were created for our littlest wanderers at Bush Kindy, early learning centres, primary schools and families travelling Australia.
We hope our resources share strategies to not only families on the road, but many early childhood and primary settings as they are the most significant developmental contexts after family. I believe tiny ripples make a current - using common knowledge, strategies, routines and shared practice with a common language can make a substantial impact.
Nurture to Thrive & it's sub-branch 'Wander Education' is centred around nurturing education and fundamental life skills, nourishing and establishing optimal health and wellbeing, and thriving in your everyday lives. Join us on your journey & we hope we can ground you whilst travelling or learning on the soil of our beautiful, unique country, Australia. 
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