Engage Jess as your key worker

Jess is a key worker, advocating to improve the capacity of children to meaningfully participate in the key areas of their life, such as, home, family as well as education and care settings.  Jess will do this by working with the family on the goals that the family has set up for their child in their NDIS Plan, ILIP from educational setting or by creating goals together.

The overall aim of Nurture To Thrive Early Intervention is to ensure that parents or primary caregivers are able to provide young children who have developmental delay or disabilities with experiences and opportunities that help children gain and use the functional skills they need to participate meaningfully in their environment.

You can engage Jess as your Key Worker and she will work with you to make informed decisions about the most appropriate services for your child. Jess is a qualified educator and wellbeing specialist with expertise in child development, learning and wellbeing. This enables her to support you to identify, plan and deliver learning opportunities for your child with confidence. Jess believes that you are your child's best teacher and will guide you to provide opportunities to teach and practice new skills within your child’s everyday routines and activities.

If and when required, Jesswill support you to access specialists who can become part of your child’s team. This may include 

  • Speech Pathologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Specialist teacher
  • Educators
  • Social Worker
  • Medical professionals

Jess can also facilitate access to supports and services within the community such as – childcare, kindergarten, school, playgroups, larger community events for early childhood, library sessions & other facilities and programs designed and delivered for early childhood, parents & caregivers. 

The Key Worker model has been identified as the best approach to support early child development, and NDIS advocates for Early Childhood Intervention best practice standards.