‘Relating Emotions to Ecosystems’ poster

‘Relating Emotions to Ecosystems’ poster

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Useful poster highlighting how our emotions can be linked to nature’s landscapes. It is important to explain to our children to recognise, identify and express how they are feeling, be able to label emotions & role model how we can manage the range of emotions that come and go. It’s critical children are encouraged to express their feelings, have strategies in place manage the behaviour when the negative feelings visit & understand that they do not define us as people.

Teaching children that feelings will pass & to accept feelings when they visit helps children to become more self aware and enables them to build strong lasting relationships.

It is proven that children who learn healthy ways to express and cope with their feelings are more likely to:

• Be empathetic and supportive of others

• Perform better in their school and career

• Have more positive and stable relationships

• Have stronger mental health and wellbeing

• Display less behavioural problems

• Develop resilience and coping skills

• Feel more confident, ccapable and competent

• Have a positive sense of self


Using this poster, children can relate the emotions to the various biomes & landscapes in Australia - and discuss the transience of emotions - they will come and go. They can develop their understanding of the main forms of biomes of Australia and their features. They are a great resource to have during circle time or to set up with discovery/sensory developmental play areas focused on a particular landscape.

Encouraging the use of various words on the poster vwill enhance their vocabulary of our Australian nature, it's landscapes & a range of emotions and how they can be describes. It is important to not only discuss with children how to recognise, identify and express how they are feeling but to be able to label emotions & as adults, role model how we can manage the range of emotions we experience.


Please note: This is a digital product - downloadable resource and can be printed in various sizes. The resource will be emailed to you  which can be downloaded & then printed at home or professionally. We suggest on 230gm paper or it can be laminated for early learning settings & classrooms. 

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