Jess - Early Childhood Intervention Key Worker & Tutor

Volunteering and working as a passionate educator in a large range of educational settings over the past 17 years including early learning centres, kindergartens, schools, The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, camps in America, communities in villages overseas & children's dance schools, Jess has gained a broad range of experience working with children and their families. In these varied roles, Jess has worked to empower children's key educators - families, caregivers, school staff, welfare workers and health organisations to be aware of the collective crucial role we play together in building children's self esteem, awareness, confidence, resilience and competence. 
Completing a Bachelors Degree of Early Childhood Education at The University of Melbourne, nurturing brain development through connection and balance of play and education has her main focus when working alongside children.
After 14 years in teaching in early childhood settings and the classroom, Jess broadened her experience of working alongside with children and families, and undertook numerous professional development sessions, courses and training specialising the latest understandings and knowledge of child development and wellbeing. Developing a strong interest in infant and child brain development and wellbeing, Jess undertook more study in the areas of neuropsychology and cognitive, social and emotional development.
Moving out of the classroom and into leadership positions, Jess Iiaised with many allied health professionals and took on new roles making positive change to vulnerable and high risk children and their families. She became the leader of additional assistance programs, tutored and supported children & families specialising in various special needs including vision impairment, hearing impairment, speech delays, intellectual difficulties, autism, AHD, ODD and physical impairments and then became became a student wellbeing coordinator at a large primary school.
In this role, Jess supported teachers with students requiring extra assistance, worked alongside external health and medical specialists and led wellbeing initiatives that had a strong focus on student engagement & inclusion. She worked to improve the mental health and the wellbeing of the students through promotion, prevention and early intervention. Her recent work has entailed providing scientific, evidence based research and family centred care whilst working closely with referring doctors, educators and allied health professionals. Jess values the importance of communication and takes the time to sensitively explain conditions/support needed and their pathways to ensure every child gets the assistance they need and deserve. 
Nurture to Thrive was created to provide families with a compassionate key worker who will help you through your NDIS journey - or provide the assistance required by empowering you with knowledge of the best way to support your child yourselves, through education support, through community initiatives and with extra assistance from professionals in the area of need.