Balance - why not gently celebrate NAIDOC week every week - in a more authentic manner


Why just this week?
We should be looking at balancing this education and awareness all 52 weeks of the year.
We can all make reconciliation ripples of change through respect & recognising our past.

A traumatic past for many, which are still affected inter-generationally today. We need to recognise the past & respect the world’s oldest living culture to build a positive future.

Feel helpless & as though you can make a ripple?
You are not.
Practical steps you can do to assist with reconciliation are:
🍂 Acknowledge our country’s past with humility
🍂 Seek the truth - it’s all our history
🍂 Be an active ally by being aware & more mindful
🍂 Call out racism
🍂 Support Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Businesses where you can
🍂 Empower your children & families with balanced education
🍂 Don’t assume anything or be persuaded by others in a negative way. Be informed & pass that knowledge on
🍂 Advocate for Reconciliation Active Plans in your workplace if they don’t have them in place

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders only make up 2.4% of our current population - however we have so much to be grateful for - and perspective to gain from them in regards to resilience, respecting the land, spirituality, being resourceful and the importance of family & kinship.

Create that gentle ripple which will overflow & spread - today & everyday. 💦